Teknologi Komputer dan Sistem Informasi terakreditasi sinta 4 terbit Mei, September dan januari

Jurnal Teknologi Komputer dan Sistem Informasi
STMIK Pringsewu | ISSN : 26203030 | PISSN : 26203022
Terbit 3 kali yaitu bulan: Mei, September dan januari
Berikut info lengkapnya:
Submit February to April (Published in May)
Submit June to August (Published in September)
Submit October to December (Published in January)
Cakupan: Geographical Information System, Information systems scale Enterprise, Database, Data Warehouse, Computer Network Security,
Data Mining, Computer Architecture Design, Mobile Computing, Computing Theory, Embedded system, Electronic Government,
Electronic Commerce, Application Program, Decision Support System, Artificial Intelligence, Expert System,
And Various Fields of Science Related to Information Technology and Information System.
Alamat Website:http://ojs.stmikpringsewu.ac.id/index.php/jtksi/index

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